Friday, December 30, 2016

A brand New Watch

A brand New Watch by Casio

Price: only 300 Taka

This is a new Watch product which is Publish On Market in this 2016.
This is the latest Brand of  watch. This product is Publish by Casio Company & this product is made in Japan. This watch is water prov. You can use this product anytime & anywhere you want to use. You can found this product your market watch shop. So you can found it any where. 

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  1. At face value, the world of watches is dominated by a handful of companies. The banner brands are household names; Rolex is nestled alongside Lexus and Hyundai in Forbes’ list of the world’s most popular, and even people who tell the time on their phone know James Bond wears Omega.
    But with recognition comes spiralling price tags. Yes, Swiss luxury brands watches are built on exemplary engineering, but you’re also paying through the nose to have a logo embossed on the dial.
    Looking further afield means you can find timepieces with less of a markup, and are less likely to feature on your friends’ wrists. It’s time to get in the know.
    This Japanese watch brand is largely responsible for Swiss watchmaking’s late-century decline, after its quartz watches flooded (and nearly drowned) a market still focused on mechanicals.
    The brand remains tech-focused; it was responsible for the world’s first solar-powered GPS timepiece as well as a dual-time watch that’s kept accurate in twin time zones by overhead satellites.
    Traditionalists should look to its sibling Grand Seiko. It builds second-to-none automatic watches from in-house movements and, since it’s only been available outside Japan since 2011, is ideal for those who steer against the crowd.Detroit’s tragic decline from industrial powerhouse to ghost city in the last three decades has been harrowing for its residents. But from the ashes comes a glint of manufacturing light.
    Shinola first gained fame for its watches, which are made by workers who lost their jobs when the automotive industry died, but has since branched out into bikes and leather goods.
    Think traditional pieces with a strong ‘Made in the USA’ focus (albeit with Swiss guts) and this is what you get.